Discovering your Wedding Veil Style

With florals coming into bloom, your gorgeous spring wedding is on the horizon. Maybe you're hyper focused and on target with your checklist, or perhaps you've got a few remaining things to do. If selecting the perfect veil to complement your wedding gown is still on the list, we've put together some determining factors and styles to help you narrow the selection.

For most brides, picking the dress is one of - if not - the biggest decision they make. It's the look that gets cemented in photos and viewed over generations. Your veil is like the icing on the cake to your wedding dress. You want it to blend with the flavor, stand out but not overshadow, and be breathtakingly gorgeous, of course.  So just what goes into the selection process? We asked several brides and they said without a doubt: Length, Design, and Price. 

I knew I didn't want a long veil because the wedding was outside and I didn't want the fuss.

Jessica I.

Determining the length of your veil is probably the easiest place to start. Do you want something long and glamorous? A veil to captivate and sweep behind you as you walk down the aisle? Or, are you interested in something short and sweet to minimize the extra fabric? 


Here are some general measurements to consider:

    • Bird Cage (4 - 9")
    • Shoulder- Length (20 - 22")
    • Blusher (30")
    • Elbow (32")
    • Fingertip (30 - 48")
    • Knee-length (48")
    • Waltz (60")
    • Floor-length (72")
    • Chapel (90")
    • Cathedral (108 - 120")

The fun part is you can add the amount of detail - or not - to any length. Your veil could be extravagantly ornate or simplistically chic. It's all up to you the level of design that goes into your veil. Every bride has her own personality and fashion sense that play a huge part in the style she wears.  Though the options may seem endless, we've narrowed down some distinct styles to make the veil selection process, a.k.a the finishing touch, a little easier. 

Here are 3 style muses for you to consider:

    • Classic & Feminine: puts elegance at the forefront and, in terms of veils, often features lace or floral details in classic silhouettes. Check out our Lily drop veil for a light overlay or Camellia circle veil for full veil and blusher. 
    •  Preppy: polished and structured to show off the clean, fitted lines of your wedding dress. Our Aster veil does the trick, highlighting a beaded comb and sweeping serene body. For the bride who loves to shine, you can't go wrong with the head-to-toe pearls found in our Zinnia veil
    • Bohemian: brings femininity up a notch with emphasized florals, intricate laces and appliqués. See our  Poppy veil to captivate guests as it floats with you down the aisle, or our Iris veil to envelope you in a garden of rich embroidery. 

It's the little details that make your wedding day "YOU".

Determining your ideal style is a great starting point to understanding what type of veil looks you gravitate towards. You may find your tastes fall into more than one category, and that's totally normal. Few of us are strictly one style. The important thing to remember when pairing your veil with your dress is to pick up on the subtle details. Is there a lace motif in your dress you want to highlight? Does your wedding gown showcase a cool texture, appliqué, or ribbon? Many brides may feel like playing it safe, but don't be afraid to push the envelop in what's accepted. Your veil can add another layer of whimsical excitement to your overall look.

Beauty comes from every angle. We council you to find the look that's best for you.

Heather Lincoln, Creative Director at In Fields of Heather

Lastly, price may be a determining factor as you narrow down your options. Every bride's budget is unique and worthy of attention as the figures add up. Though not as much of a focal point as your dress, don't leave your veil as an afterthought. It's entirely possible to find the perfect veil for your wedding day with all the conditions you set forth. 

At In Fields of Heather, we're always available for free style consultations what works best for you. Just send us a message and we're happy to help!

Spring is in the air and with it our blossoming collection of bridal veils to add an extra layer of detail and intricacy to your wedding day look.

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